Swarovski Optik welcomes the World Shorebirds’ Day

Swarovski Optik welcomes the mission of the World Shorebirds’ Day and offers support for the Global Shorebird-Counts. The Austrian manufacturer has had a strong commitment to bird conservation. Among their numerous contributions there are two major shorebird related projects what they support. Both, the well known joint conservation efforts to save the extraordinary Spoon-billed Sandpiper from extinction, as well as ‘The Amazing Journey Project‘ to study the migration of Sociable Lapwings, enjoys the generous support of Swarovski Optik.

Swarovski Optik is famous of its innovations and always tries to wind up the technical boundaries for the best possible optical performance. The perfection of Swarovski Optik encourages us to put more effort for the success of the World Shorebirds’ Day and making it known the world over.

The new Swarovski SLC 42 family is a perfect tool for everyday birdwatching and will be an essential tool for many on the Global Shorebird-Counts. Learn more about these vivid optics on the official Swarovski SLC page. Image courtesy of Swarovski Optik

By the way, it is really worth to register your counting site(s) now…

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