Supporting local communication

Little Curlew by 中易水寒.

As of writing, friends of World Shorebirds Day translate a single page document into multiple languages which aims to support a much better local communication between ambassadors and local conservationists, birding clubs, birdwatchers and anyone interested in the participation of Global Shorebird Counting. We try to translate it into as many languages as possible but we might miss a few. Below you can find and download the files and also the nationalised GSC logo. Feel free to use it for non-commercial purposes.

We ask our supporters to help to distribute the relevant PDF document to local, regional or national communication platforms (email listservs, Facebook groups or even magazines). This is a crucial part in reaching out to more people and make real awareness.

In the meantime, we are working hard to present nice infographics about the results of the first 4 years of Global Shorebird Counting. It will also tell us how easily our datasets can be used for conservation and scientific purposes.

Special thanks to those helped to translate this info sheet into multiple languages.

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