Poll: Shorebird of the Year 2014

Northern Lapwing populations are rapidly decreasing in most part of Europe. © Gyorgy Szimuly

The aim of this poll is to select the ‘Shorebird of the Year’ in 2014. A species will be selected which gets the most votes until 01.8.2014. It will be in focus until the next World Shorebirds’ Day, when a new poll will be opened. This poll is not for fun only. All of the fundraising efforts will focus on the selected species for a year, so you can affect which shorebird species gets support.

When making your vote, don’t judge just by the cuteness or extravagant appearance of a species, but think about its conservation status, vulnerability or the exceptional behaviour it makes for survival.

Please make sure you add your own choice to the poll, in case you don’t see the bird in the list you wish to vote for! Try to avoid duplicates (e.g. if Eurasian Stone Curlew is in the list, don’t add Stone Curlew). Duplicates will be deleted.<a href="" target="_blank">Take Our Poll</a>

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