Oregon Shorebird Festival to be held on the World Shorebirds’ Day

Or in other words… the World Shorebirds’ Day to be held on the weekend of the Oregon Shorebird Festival.

When the day of the World Shorebirds’ Day was selected, the dates of existing shorebird festivals wasn’t really checked. I knew that most of them were held in the spring, except two. One of them is planned to be held on the same weekend as the World Shorebirds’ Day. The Oregon Shorebird Festival, which will welcome visitors between 5-7 September 2014, is partnering with the World Shorebirds’ Day and helps to promote this worldwide event.

Needless to say, the organizers happily registered the festival field trip location, as one of the sites of the Global Shorebird-Counts. The World Shorebirds Day will be mentioned in their festival brochures and news releases. We all hope, that more people will support this idea and will be interested in participating.

This is the actual artwork of Red Knots of the 28th Annual Oregon Shorebird Festival, made by Ram Papish/

Birders are enjoying the Oregon Shorebird Festival. © Roy W. Lowe/USFWS

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