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Spotted Sandpiper in transit towards their North American breeding grounds. © Gyorgy Szimuly

While the Global Shorebird-Counts is a key part of the World Shorebirds’ Day, local events will also be in focus. The best way to have an enthusiastic national volunteer team is to set a network of not-least enthusiastic coordinators on a national or state level.

What is ‘required’ from a national coordinator?

Nothing is really required from anyone regarding the World Shorebirds’ Day, as participating on any events is absolutely voluntary! However, we are happy to have someone who (will)…

  1. introduce the aims and mission of the World Shorebirds’ Day to local birdwatchers through their own network;

  2. encourage local birdwatchers to take part in the Global Shorebird-Counts on ANY of the suitable wetlands or other birding sites;

  3. list all ‘booked’ sites in the relevant spreadsheet or add those sites directly to the event’s Google Maps.

  4. encourage people to report the result of countings (more of the reporting later);

  5. establish a core team, who are open to organize own national or local events under the umbrella of the World Shorebirds’ Day in a mid term (e.g. fairs, festivals, contests, workshops, etc.);

  6. would be happy to be a part of the creative team of the World Shorebirds’s Day.

If you are one of the ambitious birdwatchers and shorebird addicts in your country, and you are relatively well known among the national birdwatchers, feel free to contact the Global Coordinator of the WSD Events by sending a few details about yourself. Don’t think this role to be a massive task on a yearly level!

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