Introducing World Shorebirds Day’s New Ambassador

Mya-Rose first came to prominence in the 2010 BBC Four documentary “Twitchers: A Very British Obsession” when a delightful 7 year old was seen birding around the UK with her parents. She is still an avid birder both at home and abroad, last year becoming the youngest person to see 3,500 birds. She has written in her Birdgirl Blog about her love of shorebirds and her desire to save them and their habitats. Mya-Rose has a special love for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, our Shorebird of the Year.

Young Birder Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl. © Helena Craig

Mya-Rose, who has just been chosen as one of ’24 Influential Bristolians Under 24′ by Rife Magazine, will speak out for World Shorebirds Day throughout 2015. More information about the partnership with the Birdgirl will be announced the blog later.

Follow Birdgirl’s Blog, Birdgirl’s Facebook Page, and Birdgirl’s Twitter.

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