Go Shorebirding on the Global Big Day!

The Big Day goes global this coming weekend. Huge efforts have been made by the eBird Team and the staff of Cornell Lab of Ornithology to make the GLOBAL BIG DAY a real global event. Apart of the fun on individual and community level, it has another deal. They targeted to raise US$500,000 through donations for bird conservation.

I encourage every World Shorebirds Day supporter to go out witnessing the spectacle of bird (alright, I mean shorebird…) migration in the Northern Hemisphere or say goodbye of birds leaving the Southern Hemisphere. Anywhere we are, birding is fun. Let’s help eBird to be a source of global bird data.

I’d be happy learn about the number of shorebird species to be seen on Saturday, the 9th of May. Maybe eBird Team will help us to get this information. Please share your stories on our Facebook page.

Fantastic artwork of the Indian Endemic Bird Day event to be held in conjunction with the Global Big Day.

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